Thursday, February 09, 2017 Add-In Doesn't Work with 64-bit MS Word

Despite downloading the Add-in for Microsoft Word Home and Business 2016 to my Windows 10 64-bit machine it would not install. I could see the Add-in under File - Options - COM Add-ins, but despite trying to click the box to the left of it, it would not install.

After calling I found that it does not support 64-bit MS Word, it only supports the 32-bit version.

So to save you frustration I'm posting this to warn you.

A workaround is to print your envelopes using Mail Merge from MS Word without the stamps and then print them with stamps only from the online version of

Here's more info  - lest you try to run 32-bit addins on a 64-bit installation.

I haven't tried Endicia? Are there other solutions?

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David said...

Did you ever solve this? I am trying to find a solution for the same thing.