Sunday, May 04, 2008

Leeds Girls' High School Celebration - Former Staff and Library

As Leeds Girls' High School will merge campuses with Leeds Grammar School to form the Grammar School at Leeds, the weekend of May 3-4 2008 celebrated the end of the High School in Headingley. The next few blogs will recount memories of LGHS and the gals.

On Saturday May 3rd over 1000 Old Girls attended from all generations. I saw Miss Downs (former head of English) with Miss Stephens (who had become a clergyperson). Then I ran into Miss Dearden - who despite failing eyesite - was as cheerful as ever. On Sunday May 4th, I ran into former headmistress Miss Jackson (pictured) and Mrs Millburn (former chemistry and general science teacher).

The recurring theme of Old Girls as they went around the High School buildings was "Why on earth are they auctioning off the library?". "Couldn't there have been a campaign to Save The Library and move it to the GSAL campus in Alwoodley?". The idea that there is no room in Alwoodley doesn't fly with the Old Gals and many believed that had they had the chance they could have raised funds to transfer the furniture, shelves and woodwork and build a home for it in Alwoodley.

The auction for library furniture will take place 17-19 July 2008 by Tennants with viewing Sunday July 13 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and Monday 14 July to Wednesday 16 July 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in Leyburn. The telephone number is 01969 623780.

A representative of Tennants was in the library. She had a record of the furniture inventory as delivered to the school. Also found during the clearing out was the original library key which was also a master key to the school. There are many tables and chairs up for grabs.

The school will take a Mouseman Carver Chair, one table, a commemorative planter, commemorative cupboard and 4-sided clock from the library to the Alwoodley campus.


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