Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is it more important to have a moral government or a democratic one?

Is it more important to have a moral government or a democratic one?

To me a democracy means a government where each person has the vote. You vote for representatives of your ideas and they form the government and if you don't like them at the next election you get a chance to vote again. You can even stand for election or help find a better candidate if the one in power is not to your liking.

To me a moral government is one that protects its citizens and helps them live enjoyable lives. That means the government has to ensure that citizens live in safety and that it conducts its business with honesty and truth. It is also entrusted to use tax money wisely and invest in projects that benefit people. It should promote peace and help its citizens prosper.

A democracy has the weakness that if the majority are crooks or evil then one could end up with a crooked, evil regime. Also it can be inefficient and costly to have every viewpoint adjudicated and heard.

A moral government has the weakness that if everyone doesn't have a say in the government the citizens may feel disenfranchised and create disturbances.

I want to explore how democracy came about, from Greece forward and whether that is the best form of government given that we can now vote electronically, live as global citizens and work for corporations that are richer than many governments.

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