Monday, August 24, 2020

How to get without www to work with MyDiscountDomains and Weebly

 If you set up in Weebly and have as your registrar it may not be obvious how to make work when you put it in a browser. 

So you may already have bought your domain at 

So when you set up your Weebly site initially it will be given a Weebly subdomain as its link and you can read all about Weebly and domains. In particular, you can get advice on how to manage DNS records. However, it's a little bit different in MyDiscountDomains as it uses a blank (nothing typed) instead of @ for the root.

So login to You will see a list of your domains and next to each domain under Edit click DNS.

Click on DNS then look at A records.

Weebly will give you the IP address, most likely 199.34.228.xx where xx is some number - type in that number not xx.

Note under Subdomain, you leave it blank for, www means go to Weebly and * means anything else - you might change this later for example, you might want to go to a map on another server with a different IP address.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Why MySwimPro doesn't immediately install on my Apple Watch 2 and sync problems with Strava

I loaded MySwimPro on to my iPhone, then on to my Apple Watch - but it did not appear on the watch. I rebooted the watch, still it did not appear.

It took me a couple of hours, looking at the apps in my Watch App on the iPhone - it was not there for ages - like a day after I'd asked for it.

I rebooted the phone. Eventually, I loaded a workout on my phone and the app appeared on my Apple Watch.I don't know if it was loading a workout, or rebooting my phone that made it suddenly appear on my watch.

Syncing it with Strava I had tried previously and it just opened the app. There was no confirmation message.

It was very unclear that there was a free version of MySwimPro - there is no feature comparison with paid plans on the MySwimPro website. It does seem to be free though.

All I can say is install on iPhone, install on Apple Watch, reboot both and then load a workout on your phone and it may appear on the watch. I have never had a problem loading other apps on to my phone from the store. I don't understand why it doesn't appear as soon as you have loaded it.

I suspect it was a Bluetooth problem - my watch, which was fully charged in the morning and normally lasts a day - showed a low battery after the app appeared.
where the vendor says:
"The data transfer process over Bluetooth is a black box to us....Short answer: the app relies on the Apple Watch and iPhone operating systems to transfer the data for the workouts over Bluetooth, which can take a long time."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to find the number of HTML, JPG, etc. files in directories and subdirectories using Windows Power Shell

I wanted to count the number of HTML files in a website, as well as images, etc.

So that I didn't mess up the site I downloaded the files to my Windows 10 computer with FileZilla - a free FTP solution. I then went to the directory containing the documents I wanted to count in the Windows Power Shell - cd changes to a directory, cd .. backs up to the one above where you are.

You can find the Windows Power Shell in Windows 10 by going to the Windows Logo in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, then choosing All Apps by clicking the bottom icon in the top left-hand corner, then scroll down to W and find Windows Power Shell.

Then I used the command (Get-ChildItem *.*htm* -recurse).count. *.*.htm* was the regular expression I used for a file name (* means anything) because some of the files ended in .shtml and others were .html and maybe some could have been .htm. Then for any files ending in .jp* that gets you jpg or jpeg, plus other variations you type in (Get-ChildItem *.jp* -recurse).count.

Similarly you can count:
 - PDF files with (Get-ChildItem *.pdf -recurse).count
 - PNG image files with (Get-ChildItem *.png -recurse).count